ÖFA is a feminist collective created in 2003. The ÖFA collective acts as a personal support and discussion group, as well as a creative and professional network for its 24 members. Consisting of professional dancers, journalists and teachers, social workers and musicians, the ÖFA collective offers a wide range of productions and art forms – both for stage, in text and for workshops.

ÖFA has its hangout/office/rehearsal space in "BAS" in Bandhagen where they, together with a number of other artists, renovated and built their own platform, so they could create art during all the hours of the day. At BAS ÖFA has presented evenings like "ÖFA: Right Now! – Film & Biscuits" where various films produced by ÖFA members were screened, including "Circulo Vicioso" which won the Tempo’s Sthlm: Doc prize this year.

After the celebrated "Please Take a Seat!", the 24 members produced another collage show: the “ÖFA: Spring Concert”. Together, they have attracted attention around the Swedish theater and festival venues, including Teater 3, Dramaten and Södra teatern, as well as the Arvika Festival, where they performed in 2008, EuroPride and the theater Biennale in Lund. "ÖFA: Spring Concert" and its precursor were both created to question ideas, provide food for thought and inspire. While performing these tasks ÖFA always searches into new themes to affect the viewer – softly, deeply, lightly and ardently.

The work of the ÖFA collective is based on the principle that different experiences and art forms are best explored simultaneously. The audience can always count on text, music, dance, photography, film and audio being combined to create shows that burn and pep up – collages created by 24 brains, hearts and other organs.

For contact / press:
Katarina Winter, tel 0733202600
Anna Wallgren, tel 0739517968


ÖFA on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=11159055563 http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=15320483974

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